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17th April 2011

Martin StoneA complete legend has built up around Martin Stone, an enigmatic, almost Dickensian figure, famously described by his friend and fellow book collector John Baxter as “a very thin man in a black beret, with the air of a minor-league pickpocket,” stealing through the London streets at dawn only to disappear into the shadows of each dusty bookshop, yet magically appearing at exactly the right moment to seal a deal or popping up in the right place to unearth a money-spinning rarity... read more.

About the book

For anyone who ever rocked, rolled, bopped and reeled at a gig in Croydon... raved to the Yardbirds in the back room of the Star public house or spent the last penny of their student grant on a ticket for Genesis at the Greyhound. If you were at Croydon College to see Kilburn & the HighRoads make their debut or sat through the recording of the ‘Five Bridges’ album by the Nice at the Fairfield Halls - then this book is for you... Read more.

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